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Baltimore Goes PURPLE ~Together.

Uniting Youth, Families, Businesses, Organizations, and Communities against Stigma, Overdose, Addiction, and Poisoning

& promote Wellness, Healing, Resilience to Recovery in Baltimore

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Unite Against Stigma Addiction, Overdose & Poisonings In Baltimore

Baltimore Goes Purple ~Together., BGTP

On International Overdose Awareness Day, August 31, 2023, the Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC launched a community campaign and program initiative to raise awareness on the impact of stigma, alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit substances, misuse to addiction, overdose, and or poisonings in Baltimore. Baltimore Goes Purple-Together.

BGPT's mission is to educate and empower youth, schools, residents, businesses, organizations, and the community to act by standing against stigma and becoming aware of the disease of addiction, overdose, and poisoning, prevention to recovery. 

Baltimore Goes Purple ~Together.

Campaign Partnerships and Ambassadors

We're seeking campaign partnerships and ambassadors

We believe in the power of community partnerships for awareness, education, and action with collaborative efforts to take a stand against stigma, addiction, overdose, and poisoning in Baltimore.  

Why We're Going PURPLE

Because we love and care about youth, residents, businesses, organizations, and communities in Baltimore.

Together, we can make a difference by educating persons and communities on stigma, substance misuse, disease of addiction, benefits of overdose response, protections associated with the

Good Samaritan Law, for [prevention, access, and support for wellness, healing, resilience to recovery.

Baltimore diversity at work

BGPT strives for inclusivity and equity 

BGPT empowers persons and communities served; we strive to create safe spaces and belonging by building community awareness, preparedness, and culturally attuned and trusted ongoing educational resources through engagement.

By identifying and addressing unintended, intended, visible, and invisible barriers from biases associated with stigma, addiction, wellness, and healing to recovery-our goal is to empower youth, residents, and communities with education, access, and resources related to overdose, poisonings, for wellness healing and recovery.

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Empowering Through Education

Having open, honest conversations about alcohol, prescription drug and pill misuse, legal and illicit substances, overdose, and poisoning

Awareness education is vital to equip our communities with the knowledge needed to make informed and healthy choices.


From the Baltimore Goes Purple Together., campaign, engaging workshops, impactful discussions, informative resources, and events.

BGPT provides tools to prevent and educate on the dangers of substances that may lead to unwellness, dependence, addiction, and non-fatal and fatal deaths.

BGPT provides deepening peer-led groups with conversations, education, support, and resources for persons and families who experience struggles with youth or loved ones engaged in use.

BGPT founder and team members are trained in

Peer Recovery Support. 

BGPT Team members utilize their lived experiences and certification as Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialists and/or peers in training toward state credentialing to provide various services. 


What we do

We promote the Baltimore Go Purple-Together., campaign and provide outreach, overdose response training, workshops, support groups, presentations, peer support, service navigation, and community-based events. 


A Maryland Registered Peer Supervisor, RPS supervises all areas of service.


Background, Education, and Training
BGPT team members are trained in evidence-based practices and knowledgeable to provide training on adverse childhood experiences, substance misuse, trauma-informed care, wellness, and mental and behavioral health. 


Additional educational support includes social determinants, sexual health, health care intervention reduction, suicide awareness, mental health first aid, conflict resolution, person-centered collaborative service navigation, recovery and wellness support, self-care, and other continuing education-approved training authorized by the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board, MABPCB.

Whether state-certified or peers in the process toward state certification, our efforts are centered on peer engagement.

Building a Supportive Community

No one should have to battle addiction, mental health challenges, and stigma alone. We're committed to breaking down the barriers of stigma and encouraging persons in need to feel comfortable seeking support. 


At BGPT, we're changing the narrative on support by providing awareness, prevention, intervention, and reduction of harm in preparation for the journey toward wellness and recovery.


How? BGPT is centered on engagement and community. We empower people and the community with education and connection. Whether in traditional or nontraditional places, we encourage action, and awareness, to obtain education, navigation, and support for all in Baltimore.

Why Go Purple

You Can
Save a Life

Take Action Against-

Overdose & Poison Related Deaths.

Our Vision is Simple Yet Powerful:

Is to change the future of communities within Baltimore through education, collective action, and change. 


"Together we can make a difference". 

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Save a Life

Baltimore Goes Purple -Together.

Be a change agent - Get involved and join us. Let's Go Baltimore!

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Together, We Can Make Baltimore Purple with Hope, Education, and Support.

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